I teach and I must say an emphatic NO. Fun is not what it used to be. I get to observe

youngsters at “play” every day and what I see is frightening. I often have to stop and

say “Please do not kill him or her” only to be told, “Teacher, we are playing.”

” When did kicking one’s playmate to the ground become a form of play? From my

vantage point, there is little difference between playing and fighting and for this

reason it is not surprising that these “play” sessions erupt into mad bull raging fights.


Perhaps a return to “Plum in the Middle,” “Rounders,” “Bat and Ball,” Dog and

Bone,” On the River” just to name a few may teach our youngsters the spirit of good

peaceful play. Perhaps too there would be fewer fights on our school’s compound.


On that note, I do feel that our schools are lacking in playground facilities and that this

is an area for serious investment.



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