WE LIKE TO SAY SPRING IS THE SEASON OF REBIRTH. Perhaps it is when you are coming out of the season of white expanses of white cold iciness. I have no real idea or appreciation of being excited about Spring because here in the tropics where I bask in the sun all year round, I know no Autumn or Winter. I have only experienced days of yellow sunshine, azure blue seas and the soft warm breath of Caribbean breezes playing with the leaves of lush green mango and guava trees.

By Clare Greenaway        


Are you finding less and less time to just pass the time away?



Are you tied to your job, meetings, family obligations,  addictive television shows, social networks or your comfy couch? Which of these  are robbing you of the simple pleasures of life?

It only takes a small conscious effort to get up and get out. After 19 years of being off the tennis court- I have returned and oh my what fun – fresh air, exercise and all its benefits, laughter, new friendships. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well then chop, chop. Get on the move and find an activity that affords you relaxation and puts those laugh muscles to work and sends stress packing.



Is it really more beneficial to the Schools’ purse to have their track and field championship on Sundays rather than a day during the week? Will more people turn out if it is kept on a Sunday? Will there be greater sales? Will more parents come out to witness their Children’s athletic abilities?

You can be your own judge as go out to the different sports meet held on Sunday and make your own comparison to those kept during the week.